Origin of a Dream

Origin of the Dream illuminates the unexplored intersections between Langston Hughes and Martin Luther King, Jr.. Few even realize that Hughes and King were contemporaries. Yet Hughes died less than a year before King’s assassination. As such, the two exchanged letters and met. The discovery of new evidence reveals that Hughes’ poetry had a direct influence on the ideas used by King in his sermons and speeches from 1956-1968. Meeting at the crossroads of dreams shared yet unfulfilled, both icons wielded their powerful pens as swords for deep and lasting social change during a time of unparalleled societal struggle.

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Origin of the Dream – “Dream Deferred” from Rebecca Cerese on Vimeo.

The narrative arc of this documentary involves searching for the origin of Dr. King’s dream within Langston Hughes’ poetry and prose and then exploring the evolution of that dream for both men over time. For the first time, these two remarkable figures will be brought together as we explore the history that joined them and the parallel language and imagery they evoked, to claim the promises implied in the American Dream. Inter-cutting traditional historical documentary elements with dramatic re-readings done by some of today’s best hip-hop artists, along with iconic animation that illuminates the imagery used by both King and Hughes will bring these uncharted connections to life for both present and future generations.

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